Dokenvan FAQ's

What does the Pack DK include?

The full pack contains the central or CORE module (DKC) which includes an international SIM card and GPS, temperature sensor (DKT), battery sensor (DKB), 220V shore electricity sensor (DKC) and presence sensor (DKP).
It also includes standard subscription for the first year, so that you only have to install them in your motorhome and you're ready to go.

Are there more sensors available?

Coming soon we will have the smoke (DKH), butane/propane gas (DKG1/DKG2) and image capture (DKI) sensors.

Can I extend the system?

DOKENVAN limits the number of sensors linked to a core module of 16 units. The maximum distance between the CORE module and the sensors should not exceed 25 metres, the distance may be reduced depending on the thickness and number of barriers bewteen the sensors.

I have several motorhomes. Can I see the status of all of them easily?

Both the mobile application and the desktop version allow the management and display of as many devices as you have associated with your account.

How do I know if I have service in my zone?

When working with GPRS Multi Operator technology, DOKENVAN has a coverage of almost 100%. Still, if your computer does not have connectivity, tell us where it is, and we will refund the amount.

What are the 'Dokies'?

Dokies are devices associated with the CORE module that allow the issuance of 'warnings' instead of 'alarms'. In this way, you can know that someone you know has entered, but it is not considered an alert.

Can I have more than 1 Dokie?

A DOKIE is included with the purchase of a PACK. Additionally, as many as desired can be added.

If an alarm is generated, and I'm out of coverage, what happens?

It depends on the contracted service. With the standard service, an email will be sent to the specified email address, and a PUSH SMS notification to your mobile. With the Premium service, besides the standard notifications, a SMS is sent to a total of up to 3 contacts provided, and our call centre is responsible for notifying the designated contacts in order of importance. We will ensure that the alert is received by someone and actioned.

What is the required maintenance for the DOKENVAN system?

In each shipment of information, reports the battery status of the sensors and the CORE module. The battery level is visible in both the mobile application and the Web application, the CORE battery recharges automatically when connected to 12/24 V.

While I'm on the road, someone else can see where I am?

Once inside, the alarms will be deactivated, but not the sending of information whenever we are in the coverage area. This information will continue to be registered in the DOKENVAN system and may be viewed by third parties from the web or the mobile app.