Stop worrying and let DOKENSIP look after your boat

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Marine wireless monitoring system


Want to be able to monitor your boat's whereabouts, electrical condition and more from anywhere, anytime?

DOKENSIP has the answer.

Through the DOKENSIP app, you will know when the presence identifier DOKIE is onboard and when not. On top of that, alerts can easily be customized and/or silenced through the DOKENSIP app or user website.

It's an ideal device for all boat owners, captains and boat maintainers…etc.
Trust your DOKIE and stop worrying about your boat's security.

All the updated information on the status of your boat at your fingertips in our app.

Much more than a boat alarm system...

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Marine wireless sensor system DOKENSIP

We have added state of the art technology to our nautical experience to help you to look after and protect your boat, via the DOKENSIP alarm monitoring system.

DOKENSIP constantly monitors the status of your boat, ensuring its safety and your peace of mind, and instantly alerts you of any possible incident via SMS, email and personal assistance.

Also, whenever you want, you can check via your mobile phone app or internet page all the updated information you need about your boat that DOKENSIP is currently monitoring.

DOKENSIP is a wireless alarm monitoring system comprising a central module (CORE) and a series of wireless sensors installed on your boat.

  • With DOKENSIP you know instantly the voltage of the batteries, the presence of water in the your bilges, monitor the presence of gas or smoke, detect movement inside your cabin and know that the connected shore power is ok.

  • DOKENSIP can control through the main CORE module up to 16 different sensors on your boat, and the sensor system can easily be extended or reduced.

  • DOKENSIP will send you a SMS/email message when something goes wrong so you are assured that your boat is ok.

  • With a simple app you can monitor all your boats sensors, knowing their statuses at a glance.

Important Features

These are the some important features offered by DOKENSIP

Status of your boat

Thanks to DOKENSIP and its sensors you can know the status of your boat at any time.

Alert management

Decide who you want the alerts to reach, you can establish up to three contacts.


Easy fuss free installation.

Wireless technology.


Create a virtual geographic boundary that triggers an alert if your vessel leaves the designated area

Multidevice management applications

You can check the status of your boat from any device - phone tablet or computer.


You will know the position of your boat at all times, even track and record the routes you have made in the last month


With Dokies, boat alarms are treated as warnings, each Dokie is like a wireless programmable fob key.

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